Q: If I try to compile ClanBomber, it fails when building the datafile. the datafile_compiler is not found, what is it, and where can it be found.

A: The datafile_compiler is a program included in ClanLib that compiles a ClanLib datafile. It is included in the ClanLib distribution. If ClanLib is included in your Linux distribution (ie. Debian 2.2) you will have to install the ClanLib package that includes the datafile_compiler (clanlib-utils in debian).

Q: I am using SuSE, and I can't link ClanBomber. But I have compiled and installed ClanLib 0.2.x.

A: In Suse 6.2 (maybe others) an old version of ClanLib (0.1.16?) is installed by the Pingus package (no comment), and there is no ClanLib package. You will have to deinstall Pingus (you can compile and link it yourself agian with ClanLib 0.2.x.).

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