Help us!

How can I help ClanBomber?

Answer 0: restore and maintain win32 compatibility
We are searching for a person that is willing to restore and maintain win32 compatibilty of ClanBomber and release binary win32 versions of current and following releases. This is not a difficult task, since we maintained win32 compatibility until 1.00.

Answer 1: review ClanBomber
If you played ClanBomber a while, you could write a review and post it somewhere.

Answer 2: Make binary packages for your favourite distro
Up to now, ClanBomber is included in SuSE Linux, Mandrake, Debian unstable/sid, and Slackware. If you want to have ClanBomber included in your favourite linux distribution, write them or make unofficial packages for us. That would help us a lot. We only use debian, therefore we can't make other packages.

Answer 3: Donate sounds / graphics
We are searching for an official ClanBomber MOD, which will be included in the standard ClanBomber package. If you are willing to make one please write us. We are searching for cool Bomber graphics, if you have made one, please send it to us. Your name and what you have done will appear in ClanBomber´s credits screen.

Answer 4: Donate money / gifts ;-)
ClanBomber is a GPLed project, it is free software, and it will be free software. But we wouldn't refuse to take money or other things, since we put much time and coffee in ClanBomber ;-) If you donate something your name will appear in the ClanBomber credits screen.

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