ClanBomber is a free (GPL) Bomberman-like multiplayer game that uses ClanLib, a free multi platform C++ game SDK. First "ClanBomber" was only a working title for a small game started in September 1998, that has only been started to learn how to use ClanLib. But the ClanBomber project has grown into a real game. It is fully playable and features Computer controlled bombers, however, it is recommended to play ClanBomber with friends (3-8 players are really fun).
ClanBomber2 is a DirectFB port of Clanbomber 1.0.x, it adds network play but Windows support has beed dropped. We might release an SDL port in the future, reviving Windows support and expanding to new platforms.

Latest News


ClanBomber2 0.9.1 has been released

A bugfix and DirectFB 1.0.x compatibility release.

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