ClanBomber News


ClanBomber2 0.9.1 has been released

A bugfix and DirectFB 1.0.x compatibility release.


ClanBomber 1.05 has been released

A compiled version for Windows is also available. The main change is the addition of a -window and -fullscreen parameter. Note that fullscreen is default on Window and -window is default on linux.

For those who missed the news: ClanBomber2 0.9 is also available (featuring network play!!!)


ClanBomber 1.04 has been released

Here are the main changes from ClanBomber 1.02a

  • backport fix from ClanBomber2, which removes silly segfault, which could occur when Observer destroys MapTiles
  • windows version might compile again, binaries maybe soon
  • fix gcc warnings
    UPDATE: a compiled version for windows has been released! (thanks mass)

    For those who missed the last news: ClanBomber2 0.9 is also available (featuring network play!!!)


    ClanBomber2 has been released

    Today ClanBomber2 0.9 has been released. Finally. Four years after the release of ClanBomber, a network compatible version of ClanBomber is available. Here are the main differences to ClanBomber:

  • has network support
  • uses DirectFB instead of ClanLib
  • windows support has been dropped, sorry.
  • some new graphics from Eugeni, thanks.
    We also fixed a longstanding bug which caused a segfault in rare situations. This will be backported to ClanBomber and released as ClanBomber 1.04.
    We did not forget all the Maps you sent us. ClanBomer2 1.00 will include them, and have better Map handling.
    Thanks for your patience and support. Happy new year 2004.



    Status Update
    It has been a long time since the last news. And since we still get a lot of emails, I will try to answer some questions regarding the future of ClanBomber:

  • Windows support has been dropped. We don't use it, and cannot provide support. If you want to help us and release and fix the ClanBomber 1.xx branch for Windows, please contact us.
  • ClanBomber 1.03 will be released soon, to fix some compile problems with g++-3.x, we are receiving a lot of email about this issue...
  • ClanBomber 1.xx will be completely unsupported after that.
  • ClanBomber2 ist progressing slowly, but we have working network support, so do not request network support.
  • ClanBomber2 does not and will not support Windows.
  • ClanBomber2 uses DirectFB and FusionSound.
  • debian/sid packages of ClanBomber2, DirectFB and FusionSound are located here:
  • Thanks for all the maps and suggestions, we have collected them and will include them in ClanBomber2 as soon as map sections are implemented.


    New Win32 Release


    The CVS version of ClanBomber 1.03 (ClanLib version) compiles and runs under win32 again. The source will be released in the next few days (I have to check if it still works correctly under linux)

    The last windows release was 1.00. Here are the changes from 1.00 to 1.03:

    - uses ClanLib 0.5 instead of 0.2
    - fixed crash with low frame rates
    - falling bombs no longer block
    - new background for the credits screen
    - keyboard layout for french keyboards
    - fixed memory leak
    - random map order


    ClanBomber2 nearing beta stage


    since the last news, the ClanBomber2 branch made substantial progress. We are working on a first beta which will be released soon. Changes since last news:

    - optimized network protocol
    - included client version check, (protocol changes often)
    - fixed crashes
    - added stereo sound
    - added connection checking during game
    - added joystick support (one hardcoded joystick for now)

    - clean up chat and network menus, which are a hack right now
    - add Joystick support for more than one joystick
    - add new default theme to distinguish between ClanBomer/ClanBomber2
    (help wanted!)

    have fun.

    PS: ClanLib is a great game sdk, we still love it, we moved away from it beause DirectFB was created and is maintained by us, and we were in need of a proof of concept game (thats all). We will still maintain ClanBomber 1.xx and will make sure that it runs with the latest ClanLib versions. (We still need a win32 user to make 1.02a working again with windows, the latest release is 1.00).


    Details of our new branch / "ClanBomber2"


    its been a while since there were substantial changes to ClanBomber, but in the last weeks there was a LOT of development. Thanks to mass, we have new ClanBomber development version that has Network Play. Many of you were missing this feaure, now it is here. Changes from ClanBomber 1.02a include:

    - Network Play
    - uses DirectFB for graphics instead of ClanLib
    - uses OpenAL for sound instead of ClanLib
    - some new transparency effects
    - anti aliased fonts

    we will checkin our current version which is intended for developers only in the next hours. We know that there are bugs and limitations, if you have problems please do not bother us before we released the first alpha version which will be released real-soon-now(tm).

    - clean up chat and network menus, which a a hack right now
    - optimize protocol (to much traffic right now)
    - include client version check, (protocol changes often)
    - fix crashes
    - stereo sound
    - connection checking during game

    have fun.

    PS: ClanLib is a great game sdk, we still love it, we moved away from it beause DirectFB was created and is maintained by us, and we were in need of a proof of concept game (thats all). We will still maintain ClanBomber 1.xx and will make sure that it runs with the latest ClanLib versions. (We still need a win32 user to make 1.02a working again with windows, the latest release is 1.00).


    ClanBomber 1.02a released
    Note: This is only a bugfix release, here are the changes:

    - added thanks to SuSE Linux AG
    - fixed ugly memory leak. (This could allocate up to 20kb/s depending on the frame rate)


    sourceforge project created, search for a win32 maintainer

    Today we created a sourceforge project and made an initial CVS checkin of the ClanBomber 1.02 source. We also moved our web content to sourceforge but unfortunately we lost some files (i.e the 1.01 rpms) UPDATE: We found them again.

    We are searching for a person that is willing to restore and maintain win32 compatibilty of ClanBomber and release binary win32 versions of current and following releases. This is not a difficult task, since we maintained win32 compatibility until 1.00.

    We are currently making plans for the future of ClanBomber and will annouce more during the next weeks!


    ClanBomber 1.02 for ClanLib 0.5 and DirectFB

    ClanBomber 1.02 doesn't have new features but works with ClanLib 0.5. This new version has a display/input target for DirectFB, a hardware accelerated library on the framebuffer device we developed at convergence.


    Aplogies and explaination, ClanBomer 1.01 RPM

    We are sorry that we replied almost no mail in the last months. We read them all but had absolutely no time to answer. We, Andi and Dok, the developers of ClanBomber have both acceped jobs at a cool company. We had no time to work on ClanBomber. We also found a ClanBomber 1.01 RPMwhich is now on the download page

    We hope that we will find time to improve ClanBomber soon, and also include the maps we got from you. The company we work for will maybe support the development of ClanBomber in the future... we will see.


    Two new releases of ClanBomber 1.x (1.00a and 1.01)

    Both releases contain two important buxfixes for heavy bugs that caused segfaults. One was in since 0.98b and only occured with a low frame rate and with flying objects(and since we have over 600fps, we didn't notice it, sorry :-()
    The other bug only occured with the bomb holes.
    We hope that ClanBomber is now bug free!

    ClanBomber 1.00a
    This release is identical to ClanBomber 1.00, it only has the buxfix and is for ClanLib 0.2.3. Use this if you still have an old ClanLib.

    ClanBomber 1.01
    This one is for ClanLib >=0.3.x. It also has the bufixes in but also some other improvements. This is *NOT* 1.1 which will contain much more Changes.

    - segfault buxfixes
    - added random map order option
    - new horst background in credits
    - falling bombs do not block anymore


    ClanBomber 1.00 included in SuSE 6.4 , ClanBomber 1.01 soon

    ClanBomber 1.00 is included in SuSE 6.4 which will ship soon.
    We were busy with other things in the last few weeks, but the upcoming 1.01 should be ready within the next few days.


    Various Updates to the Site

    Today, we started tho new sections on these are

    - FAQ (you should read this before asking questions)
    - Past Polls (you can look at the (commented) results of our monthly polls)


    ClanBomber 1.00 released

    After more than one year of development, ClanBomber 1.00 has been released!!! Now, after a short break we will begin to work on ClanBomber2, which will be a networked game "from ground up". Version 1.00 has some new options and important little features, which were missed by a few people.

    Changes from 0.99 to 1.00 include:

    - 2 new Bomber graphics (Tux and BSD devil)
    - highlighting of map tiles as option for each player (helpful for tux, snake,bsd-devil)
    - Observer destroys walls and boxes (they become ground tiles)
    - maps are sorted by name
    - made bomb timings (delay, countdown, speed) configurable
    - author and number of Bombers can be set in map editor
    - improved some maps / added one new
    - a bit more human like AI_MIC
    (for a complete list of changes see the ChangeLog)


    New version of ClanBomber released (0.99)

    We have released one of the last versions of the pre-1.00 series. Many things got fixed, and a few "it is a must for 1.00"-features have been added. Changes include:

    - bugfixes for "open" levels (works finally)
    - AI fixes
    - level selection is now saved
    - option for random player positions added (enabled by default)
    - new and improved levels
    - various other (minor) Changes (see ChangeLog)


    Good news for single players / New release: ClanBomber-0.98c

    Ok, we are (almost) out of version numbers. This update is more than it seems. This is the first version, that has agressive AIs!! Try the new AI_DOK, it won't be easy to win! AI_MIC has improved too, but is a little bit behind AI_DOK at the moment... but this can change with the next release. Changes are:

    - Rewritten (agressive) AI_DOK!!!, improved AI_MIC
    - support for "open" maps (levels not surrounded by walls)
    - New edit mode in MapEditor (F12 to toggle)
    - Number of corpse parts can be configured
    - New Bombs for spider and snake
    - some new levels

    1999-12-05 opens doors!

    We decided to give ClanBomber an own domain, changed the layout and added dynamic php3 scripts which makes the maintainance of this page much easier. It is planned to make the site more interactive, with polls and a better web-forum.

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